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Weird Things that Happen after Weight Loss Surgery

The gastric sleeve is the hardest thing I’ve done in my life. And no, I don’t regret it. I love getting my body back to healthy. Let’s talk a little about the Weird Things that Happen after Weight Loss Surgery. Taking Medication Before bariatric surgery, I’d wake up take medication and vitamins and go about…

How to Change a Negative Self-Image after Weight Loss

Losing weight has afforded me a second chance at a life filled with a healthy body.  During the pre-op phase, I dreamt of what life would be like in a year.  I’m 13 months post-op and this is how to change a negative self-image after weight loss. Weight Loss Assumptions You lose a lot of…

How my Period Improved after Losing Weight

This post is all about periods, nope not punctuation, menstruation.  Menses, time of the month, or my personal favorite Satan’s Waterfall.  If that’s not for you, you’re going to want to jump ship to one of our other articles.  Yes, this post is all about how my period improved after losing weight…you’ve been warned. Pre-Weight…

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