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The Bariatric Blogger page is a blog that allows our authors a space to express their opinions about weight loss surgery and a variety of other health-related topics. We have a passion for writing and helping others through their weight loss journeys.

Our goal is to deliver entertaining and engaging posts about our experience. Our goal is to provide a safe space to talk about the once-taboo topic of weight loss surgery. Feel free to contact us.

Zoey K. Cole

Who am I?  What defines me? Well, I’m not sure I can be put into a box, but here’s a little about me.  I’m an exceptional wife (most of the time), a foster mother, friend, content creator, an aunt, I think I’m funny and I’m a weight loss surgery success story.


I graduated from Penn State University, more than a few years ago with a degree in advertising and public relations, then ended up in banking.  I loved my job, or maybe I was just really good at and loved the income it brought in, either way, I worked at traditional 9-5 for 10 years.

Luckily, I have a super supportive husband who understood me leaving my fortune 500 career to become self-employed. I’m a former Vice President who, after 10 years quit to pursue my dreams and work for myself. I turned my passion project (blogging) into my career. Do I recommend doing this? Ab-solutely not, but if you are going to follow your career dreams make sure you have a years’ worth of living expenses saved because success doesn’t happen overnight.

Weight Loss and Health

I was always an athlete and healthy-ish until my 20s.  Weight just kept adding up year over year.  I’d diet for 6 months, get back to a normal BMI, then the next you know I was heavier than when I started.  Most doctors looked at me like I had self-control issues, I would later find out I’m insulin resistant, have PCOS and various other autoimmune issues, meaning I lose weight extremely slow, and I can gain weight very quickly, it’s like the lamest superpower.

I’ve done the South Beach Diet, Atkins, Paleo, AIP, liquid diets, 800 a day calorie restriction (some dumbass doctor put me on that). I worked out at the gym a minimum of 3 hours a week, took ballroom dance, did Pilates, basketball, softball, you name it.  My weight was way too attached to me…stage 5 clinger level.

Most of my family has died, some because of the underlying issue of obesity.  In the last 5 years, I lost my parents, grandparents, aunt, and best friend.  In 2017, I decided to get my shit together. I visited a real bariatric office and met with a team of people that specialized in helping obese people.  I learned so much about my body, they even found most of those autoimmune issues I had, then in 2019, I was cleared for Bariatric Surgery at a 44 BMI.

At this point I had sleep apnea, PCOS, I had pre-diabetes, pernicious anemia, autoimmune gastritis, and few other things, but who’s counting right? 

June 20, 2019

I had the gastric sleeve performed and it course-corrected my life.  Was it an easy fix? Absolutely not.  I still lose weight slowly, at the time of this post I still need to lose another 40lbs, but it is coming off pound by pound.  I’m down a little over 70lbs.

I can play with the kids, go on long walks around the city.  I can breathe walking up a flight of stairs, most of the time I run up just because I can. I’m off all my medication and my sleep apnea is gone.

Some days are harder than others. If I eat too much sugar it makes me feel sick.  If I forget to take my vitamins, I can feel my body become out of whack. I lost 50% of my hair during the peak of my weight loss, its growing back and I look a little crazy.  Would I have the surgery again knowing all this?  In a heartbeat.

Bariatric Surgery isn’t for Everyone

Look, it’s a long process, its difficult and painful.  Some people meet with the bariatric team and try to lose the weight on their own.  I’ve had a few people decide it wasn’t the right fit for them.  Long story short, you have to decide what is best for you.

This blog concentrates on my journey so that you can decide for yourself.  If you decide to get the surgery, I support you. If you decide not to get surgery, I support that too.  I’m awesome like that.  Please don’t hesitate to reach out or comment on our posts with questions. I love hearing from readers.

I hope you enjoy my blog


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